HanDBase Database Manager App Reviews

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Nearly perfect

HanDBase is the ideal database for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I especially like the Password Keeper database that comes with the program. That database alone already justifies the full price. Technical support is excellent as well. But it isnt perfect yet. F.e. switching to landscape mode doesnt always work and memo fields are not displayed with a scrollbar. So if you have a large memo field, like I have in my Album_Track database then the contents in memo field are truncated and only fully visible in edit mode.

4.4.1 crashes on start iPod touch 1.Gen.

Damn last update brought a version that Im not able to start on my iPod touch.

This is an awesome App!

So far, so good... As an avid FileMaker Pro database creator and user, I am very pleased with the simple to use interface of HanDBase on the iPhone. Creating simple databases directly on the iPhone is very easy and quick. Stability of the App seems good (so far), but I find load time could be enhanced. REALLY Nice to have: It would be great if there was a way to create a HanDBase dbase and save it somehow as its own APP or at least as another icon on the iPhone. ie; "Recipes" or "Expense Tracking" and have them show up as icon buttons. Well, thats my $0.02.

Finally! My favorite app on the iPhone!

That was the only application that kept my Palm in use. Transfering the data from the Palm was extra easy and problem free using the included desktop interface. The application works well and the rough edges will certainly be ironed out in future releases. Highly recommended!

VERY buggy, promising

Dec. 6, 2008 - Wanted to create a db of contacts with more flexibility than Contacts. Spent at least 6 hours doing something that should have taken 20 minutes. Import/Export of data vary unpredictable. Documentation VERY lacking. Maybe i am crazy but I bought the Mac Desktop software — it does nothing for me! It seems to be only to connect old Palms apps to your Mac. If I am wrong, please correct me. This is NOT a rock solid app. I got no crashes, but it often behaved in an unpredictable manner. The bugs are not major, but they clearly impact the learning curve. It is a simple app to use, but got me very frustrated. Developers: fix the bugs and improve the documentation (especially your Support pages! BTW, I develop software for a living...

Promising ...

Version 4.0.3. I first used handbase on my palm tx, then on windows mobile. I ended up switching to SprintDB though for windows mobile. This version is as mentioned in other reviews - a bit buggy but promising. For the price, by far the best db app for the iPhone though. These developers are not amateurs - I am confident that the bugs will get ironed out. My main issue is the same as it was on the other platforms - no support for proper SQL.

Horribly flawed

Crashes and crashes, 2 simple calculation fields and it crashes. Just too buggy to do anything with before storing your name - useless.

Great functionality; somewhat buggy

This is a great app, I am very impressed with the functionality and the features. I have found it a little buggy and have submitted a support case to the developers which I am confident will be addressed in the future. I quickly built two "apps" and am working on a third with this product and have thoroughly enjoyed working with it. Easy to learn, easy to use.

A good start but needs some work.

Its a good start to a great App but it needs more work. Had it crash on me and even had to re-install when it wouldnt even work after trying to sync a database from the computer. But when it does work it works good. Hopefully updates comming soon. I still have a hard time to trust my data to it.

Great App.

I was very familiar with HandBase for Palm. The new version for the iPhone is awesone.

Great job

The only thing i would ask for is the ability to use ALL of the available templates, not just the ones they chose for the iPod.

Pop up glitch

Please fix this error! Selecting an entry from a pop up list shuts down the app.

Best out there

Ive used Handbase on a Pocket PC for some time now. Now that it is available on iTouch I very happy. Works great, has all the features of a relational DB needed on a handheld device. I agree the new selection screen is stupid and wastes valuable realestate. Next feature is forms I hope. Keep up the great work.

Was a great Ap

This ap worked great until the latest update. Now when I try to enter a new use the quick popup fields that I had entered, it shuts down every time. Cant say that I like the new look either. The older version was more stable and less glitchy. Please fix this.NOTE:19 Jan 10: updated version works much better, thanks for fixing!

thank goodness its on iPhone!

Been using HandBase on my Palm devices for years now and was delighted to see it on the iPhone! unbelievably powerful database and fair price too


Please enable one to run reports not just on pop-up fields but also on DB pop-up fields. Keep up the good work!

Almost perfect

Very good for using a database on the iPhone. Only complaint is they still have no location field for iPhone gps. This has forces me to use tapforms:(

Very good

I have tried a number of apps for password organization. This is the best yet. In particular I like being able to see all recs without having to log into the app. 4 out of 5 stars because cannot connect to desktop with wireless. Windows needs to be set up just right for this to work and most people do not have the skill set to get it to wrk if it does not wrk first try. I will give five stars when I can connect with USB.

Great App for Surgeons

I love this App, it allows me to VERY QUICKLY input the information about the surgical procedure I just finished. It keeps a database that is easily exportable to excel. I can edit all the fields easily. THIS IS EXACTLY what I was looking for. Way Better interface then iAnesthesia. And allows for easy review of cases via iPhone or PC/MAC. The only thing that could make it better is if the makers could have an option to have the date that was set at the last input to be the default date for the following input. They have this option for most other data types but not for date

Great database app

I was using HandBase for the Blackberry for a couple of years. I got the iPhone recenty and did not waste time to get HandBase. Great interface and easy to work with. Apps Id have to buy I can actually create in HB such as a diet journal, gas consumption and the password keeper. HB pays for itself

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