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HanDBase Database Manager app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 7776 ratings )
Business Productivity
Developer: DDH Software, LLC
9.99 USD
Current version: 4.9.075, last update: 8 months ago
First release : 15 Oct 2008
App size: 21.31 Mb

Powerful relational database manager for mobile devices.

Track anything!
Shopping Lists,DVD Collections,Passwords,Prayer Lists,To Dos,Workouts,Recipes,Checkbook,Weight Loss,Auto Mileage


Patient Lists,Billing Codes,Charge Capture

Create and Edit Databases right on your iPhone
19 different field types
Relational- link between different database tables
Sorting,Filtering, and Customized Views
Field level Encryption
Desktop Connect- connect via web browser and load/save databases, import/export
Integration w/ HanDBase Gallery-download over 2000 templates
Support for photos/camera/gps/barcode scanning
Custom Forms Designer available via in-app Purchase

"HanDBase for iPhone is a very powerful and customizable database. Theres really no competition to HanDBase, and given their long history and track record in the handheld world, HanDBase will be adopted quickly in businesses where custom databases are needed. At [Price], this app is a bargain." review

"If you’re sick of buying [...] iPhone/Touch applications that don’t live up to their hype – then you should look at HanDBase" review

We are a world leader in the mobile database space and have compatible solutions (sold separately) for desktops, synchronization to programs like Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Filemaker, and most ODBC enabled apps. See our web site for more details and options.

Please Note: The HanDBase database format does not support Unicode, so while English and most European languages are supported, other languages are not.

Pros and cons of HanDBase Database Manager app for iPhone and iPad

HanDBase Database Manager app good for

HanDBase is the ideal database for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I especially like the Password Keeper database that comes with the program. That database alone already justifies the full price. Technical support is excellent as well. But it isnt perfect yet. F.e. switching to landscape mode doesnt always work and memo fields are not displayed with a scrollbar. So if you have a large memo field, like I have in my Album_Track database then the contents in memo field are truncated and only fully visible in edit mode.
So far, so good... As an avid FileMaker Pro database creator and user, I am very pleased with the simple to use interface of HanDBase on the iPhone. Creating simple databases directly on the iPhone is very easy and quick. Stability of the App seems good (so far), but I find load time could be enhanced. REALLY Nice to have: It would be great if there was a way to create a HanDBase dbase and save it somehow as its own APP or at least as another icon on the iPhone. ie; "Recipes" or "Expense Tracking" and have them show up as icon buttons. Well, thats my $0.02.
That was the only application that kept my Palm in use. Transfering the data from the Palm was extra easy and problem free using the included desktop interface. The application works well and the rough edges will certainly be ironed out in future releases. Highly recommended!
This is a great app, I am very impressed with the functionality and the features. I have found it a little buggy and have submitted a support case to the developers which I am confident will be addressed in the future. I quickly built two "apps" and am working on a third with this product and have thoroughly enjoyed working with it. Easy to learn, easy to use.
I was very familiar with HandBase for Palm. The new version for the iPhone is awesone.
The only thing i would ask for is the ability to use ALL of the available templates, not just the ones they chose for the iPod.

Some bad moments

Damn last update brought a version that Im not able to start on my iPod touch.
Crashes and crashes, 2 simple calculation fields and it crashes. Just too buggy to do anything with before storing your name - useless.
Its a good start to a great App but it needs more work. Had it crash on me and even had to re-install when it wouldnt even work after trying to sync a database from the computer. But when it does work it works good. Hopefully updates comming soon. I still have a hard time to trust my data to it.
been using handbase for some time now, and suddenly sync doesnt work, because handbase does not work with ios5 -- not much good to me now
Have used this for years - but the fact that this will reliably lose records and the fact that it seems to be tolerated by most is to me incredible. This lost its last password today after 15 years of tolerating the losses due to the good flexibility & user interface.
Checkboxes are INCREDIBLY large, they take up too much space. All of the fields in record view are over written by field names. Theyve pretty much ruined the app.